We are Attingimus.

What does Attingimus do?

We are providing intelligent Radar sensors from Braunschweig, Germany since 1996.

Our globally spread partners appreciate the unique pairing of over 25 years of experience with innovative ideas. We incorporate all steps in the creation of a Radar sensor in-house - from research and development to final inspection in production. This way we can supervise the whole process and remain flexible in communication and working methods.

We work exclusively with 24 GHZ Radar sensors, a technology known to be reliable, mature and versatile Learn more! Our sensors are extremely robust and function even under difficult conditions.

Have a look at the many different application possibilities!

Experienced in various areas.

Can Attingimus serve my application?

Your application is sophisticated. So is our Radar.

Our tough Radar sensors are equipped with a sturdy housing and can take a hit. There are countless different application areas where our Radar can be of use.

Our Radar sensors are suitable for many different tasks. We are particularly experienced in the following application areas:

  • Traffic Enforcement

    Our Radar is used in many different countries for speed enforcement. We supply sensors for fixed and mobile installations, for in-car or roadside use.

  • Traffic Monitoring

    The measurement of vehicle speed is used for statistics or display. We also offer Radar sensors for counting cars and bicycles and for vehicle classification. With a non-intrusive, theft- and vandalism safe installation, Radar is the perfect sensor for such applications.

  • Collision Avoidance

    We provide range sensors for anti-collision systems. Our sensors are used in systems for large machines in rough environments like harbor cranes or mining trucks. But we also work with smaller vehicles or stationary objects:

  • Ground Speed

    The measurement of ground speed shows the most accurate speed of a vehicle. It defies all external factors such as slippage, deviations in the speedometer or poor reception for GPS. Our ground speed Radar is used in construction, agriculture and speed enforcement.

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Reliable, versatile and mature technology.

What’s in the box?

Inside the box is a 24 GHz Radar antenna with our customized processing module. The 24 GHz frequency operates within the future-proof ISM band and can be freely used for your application. Our Radar technology is considered very reliable and robust. It has been in use for many years, especially in outdoor applications.

Our sensors have quick response times with high sampling rates. The activation time after power up is below 300 ms with readings up to every 10 ms!

You can receive the following metrics with our Radar:

  • Speed

    Speed is the most known measurand of Radar. We can accurately und precisely determine speed values from below 1 km/h up to more than 1000 km/h.

  • Distance

    Especially in Collision Avoidance applications it is crucial to determine the distance to a specific object. Thanks to our smart data processing, we are able to output the distance as metric values or in detection zones.

  • Angle

    We also offer Radar sensors with special phase-comparison antennas. These provide the angle of arrival in addition to the values of speed and distance.

Smart data processing.

What’s smart about it?

We design smart algorithms that are tailored to your application. Our innovative filtering techniques transform the raw Radar output into the values your application requires.

To provide you with focused information, we compose filters that compensate for interference from rain, snow, fog, dirt or particles. Even covered in mud, our Radar can still “see” clearly for collision avoidance or ground speed measurements.

Depending on your application we can provide single Radar units or systems of multiple Radar sensors communicating with each other. Maintaining a compact form factor, all the processing is embedded in the software inside the Radar unit!

Quality made in Germany.

Can you assure excellent performance?

We unite the entire process in-house, from initial design to final production inspection. This way we maintain control and ensure high quality standards for our Radar sensors.

We use only high quality materials from selected suppliers. Our Radar sensors are rated IP67, are shock and vibration proof and compliant to common EMC standards. The radome is made of resilient and durable POM while the back is protected with high quality anodized aluminum alloy. All units are equipped with pressure compensation elements and industrial grade stainless steel 5-pin connectors to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Our production line incorporates numerous checks for component quality, proper assembly and error-free functionality. To ensure consistent quality, we perform 100% end of line testing.

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