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    Attingimus @ AGRITECHNICA 2019!

Attingimus Radar: Intelligent Radar Solutions

We design, produce and customize 24 GHz commercial Radar modules. Our strength is intelligent signal processing for application specific needs in standard and customized solutions.
Attingimus‘ sensors are able to detect stationary or moving targets and measure their exact coordinates, including velocity, range, distance and angle of arrival.
Maintaining the best trade-off between accuracy and maximum distance, our products include different antennas with detection ranges between 0 and 300 meters.
Attingimus’ strength is our unique filtering technique to differentiate between targets and interferences. Thereby our portfolio covers applications like traffic monitoring, collision avoidance, security, speed over ground measurement and people counting. Depending on the requirements, we offer several interfaces like Open Collector Output, Serial or CAN.

Advantages of our Radar Technology

Radar is the best choice for outside applications. Due to our unique filtering technique, our systems are able to provide exact measurements unaffected by environmental interferences like rain, fog, falling leaves or birds.
To be as compact and efficient as possible, our products feature a modern planar array. Additionally, they feature a very sturdy and reliable housing designed to protect our sensors even in harsh environmental conditions like mining operations.
A reaction time of only milliseconds and our intelligent signal processing suits our products for many different and challenging applications. Being located in the 24 GHz ISM band they are ETSI and FCC proof and can be used worldwide.


Attingimus Radars are 100% German made and fulfill high requirements while being cost effective. Our sophisticated product engineering sets quality standards we are invariably keeping up through production. The result is a certification by environmental automotive standard according to ISO16750. For guaranteed functionality every finished product is individually tested before leaving the production line. Our devices have a reputation for their long life-cycles and offer a very reliable MTBF value, even in harsh environments.

Mission Statement

Attingimus unites innovation and steadiness. Through many years of experience with Radar technology, a wide variety of application areas have been acquired. The satisfaction of our customers around the globe is achieved by the reliability of our products and our comprehensive service. Keeping close contact, suggestions and ideas of our customers are quickly incorporated and implemented directly. For every wish, there is an intelligent solution.

Attingimus – Intelligent Radar Solutions.